Medical Billing

Medical Billing is vital to your medical practice. And, because of its importance, it can quickly become an administrative and financial headache. You need a billing service that addresses your needs so that you can focus on patient care and growing profitability. AcerHealth Medical Billing Services offers just that: customized billing processes built around your objectives and requirements – not ours.

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Medical Billing Brochure

Regain Control

As an AcerHealth client, you experience all the advantages of an in-house operation to get EMR with the benefits of the leading medical billing company. You determine key protocols – such as when accounts are sent to collections – and you always have complete access to your data. Free up your time, energy and resources for strategic initiatives like marketing, revenue-building and, most importantly, patient care.

Complete Revenue Cycle Management

AcerHealth will exceed your expectations. Our medical billing services include
  • > Payer registration, credentialing, contracting, and enrollment
    > Front-office support: eligibility and benefits verification, pre-authorizations
    > Comprehensive medical coding with CPC-certified coders
    > Management of accounts receivable and claim denials
    > Payment posting
    > Digital lockbox, including document management
    > Credit card and check processing
    > Medical Billing and management services of patient inquiries
    > Analytics and reporting

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